Cascade Square Cocktail Table

Cascade Square Cocktail Table


Designed to interject a sense of calm and tranquility into interior spaces, this table creates an elegant - yet livable retreat from your modern day, fast-paced lifestyle. As soothing as water falling from a steep rocky slope,  this was designed to spark Zen, tranquility and calmness in any living space.


Features: Casters

Features: Square shape, Champagne colored metal trim around top, Tempered glass top, Mirrored bottom, Casters

Material: Burlap, Tempered Glass, Mirror and Casters

Finish: Whites/Creams/Beiges

Finish: Pebble Beach: lacquered burlap finish. Champagne colored metal frame around top.


Width: 52" (132.1 cm)

Depth: 52" (132.1 cm)

Height: 17" (43.2 cm)